Create the perfect customer experience with our Conversational AI chatbot Business Platform!

Seamlessly Customize, Build, Automate, and Integrate CloudIT Chabot to enable Experience Optimization to our customers

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An easier way to build bots

Build once, deploy in seconds. Create bots with CloudIT drag & drop conversational modeller using minimal coding.

Simplified bot training

Craft your knowledge base with FAQs, Interits, Cognitive Search and DocuSense-perfected to support your customers, whether it’s dusk or down.

NLP engine

State-of-the-Art NLP Engine that delivers personalized experiences, fuelled by context and intents, across all touchpoints of your customers’ journey.

About CloudIT

CloudIT is an innovative Cloud and Artificial Intelligence startup specialized in Conversational AI Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Agents.

We believe in empowering businesses with the future of communication:  Conversational AI and WhatsApp Business API.
Our Mission is Making AI Accessible and Impactful.
We strive to make Conversational AI chatbots a ubiquitous tool for businesses of all sizes, utilizing the WhatsApp Business platform to unlock new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Get started with our Conversational AI Chatbot solutions

Enabling new business Experience Optimization for our customers across all industries by combining No-Code , Conversational AI, National Language Processing (NLP)

Unlock new levels of efficiency and personalization in customer interactions!

Fostering meaningful interactions and building lasting relationships by connecting with customers across 10+ channels; Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Slack, X, MS Teams website, and mobile App.


Reach out to visitors proactively to boost website engagement.


Boost your business by using our WhatApp API


Connect with Messenger users in real time to grow your audience.


Streamline your office workflow to improve team productivity.


Reach out to visitors proactively to boost website engagement.

Live Chat

Support customers 24/7 to improve your customer satisfaction.

Supercharge Your Business with WhatsApp Chatbot

We efficiently provide WhatsApp Business API automation for every Industry

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your Business WhatsApp is the most popular global instant messaging app. CLoudIT enables business to go live on WhatsApp and bridge the distance virtually.

Why Choose WhatsApp Business API For Customer Communication

Businesses across the globe have an active WhatsApp Business Account
0 M+
People worldwide use WhatsApp to communicate
0 B+
People worldwide use WhatsApp to communicate
> 0 M
Most popular platform for customer service and customer communication
0 nd
Open rate ensures that your messages to customers will be noticed
0 %
Deliverability guarantees that no important information will be missed
0 %

Create a progressive and engaging customer experience.

Feature-rich communications to build brand trust.

Send rich promotional messages with the WhatsApp business feature.

Support your customers on WhatsApp with automated WhatsApp API

Automation can handle your tickets three times faster than phone calls. Send delivery updates, order updates, reminders, notifications, and more quickly with integrated WhatsApp API for business.

Provide reliable and quick customer care.

Manage session expiration, participants, and archives without a single line of additional code with CloudIT conversational API.

Simplify complex workflows with chatbot integrations to your favorite applications including CRM, ERP, Marketing, AI, ChatGPT

Our Chatbot or WhatsApp Business API integration process

Obtain API key

  • Apply for an API Key
  • Make sure to have access to the Application endpoint

Design conversation flow

  • Choose the desired conversational flow and the functions of the chatbot

Write a program to interact with API

  • Create a program in any language that can send HTTP requests to the API

Parse the API response

  • To extract the text produced by GPT-3

Integrate into platform

  • Include the chatbot into a website, mobile app, or messaging service

Test and refine your chatbot

  • Make any necessary modifications

Elevate Your Cloud Management for Enhanced Efficiency Scalability  Innovation

We Provide Tools and Expertise to Effectively Manage Cloud Environments

Cloud migration

  • CloudIT provides simple interface to manage all cloud operations
  • Enables organizations to plan, monitor and analyze cloud migration process


  • Enables reduction of manual work for the management of cloud workloads
  • Enhance system efficiency by lowering human error

Cost Optomization

  • Control cloud expenditure by monitoring resource usage through cost management dashboard
  • Monitoring resource consumption in real time

Governance and compliance

  • Maintenance of compliance and security of data available in multiple cloud environment
  • Include internal audits and management of Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

Cutting-Edge Web & Mobile Development Services

Elevate your digital presence with our top-tier web and mobile development services. We specialize in crafting high-performance, user-centric websites and mobile apps that drive results.

Expert Development Team

Our seasoned team of developers brings years of experience to the table, ensuring your project is in capable hands. 

Custom Solutions

We tailor our development services to meet your unique business needs, delivering bespoke web and mobile solutions. 

Scalability and Future-Proofing

Our solutions are designed with scalability in mind, allowing your digital platform to grow alongside your business. We future-proof your technology stack, reducing the need for extensive rework as your needs evolve.

Security First

We take security seriously. Our development practices incorporate robust security measures to protect your data, your users, and your reputation. We proactively address potential vulnerabilities and stay up-to-date with the latest security threats and solutions.

Why Choose CloudIT

Business First Approach

Every decision made in your project is consistently aligned with your business digital strategy.

Consultancy, Not Just Tech

We not only help you build your digital apps but also give you strategic advice on how to achieve the maximum business outcomes.

Speed and Agility

Our processes are built for agile delivery, enabling you to “fail fast” without a massive investment of time and money, and build and scale viable concepts at speed.

Structured and Smooth Handover Process

We ensure a smooth handover to your in-house team when you need to do so. In fact, we will help you setup your tech team if you need to!

Cost Efficient

Thanks to our streamlined building process, We give our clients development charges that are no so heavy on their pockets

Time Delivery

Commitment of the delivery time, and quality is one thing we never compromise on. We make sure project is completed on the given time.

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